Formed in 1989 as a family-owned company, ZADRAN GROUP OF COMPANIES has established itself as a leader in the areas of Logistical Supply, Transportation, Service & Support as well as Order Fulfillment. Since then ZADRAN has grown to nearly 400 employees with 7 locations in Afghanistan, International Headquarters in Dubai and coming soon, locations in Sudan and the United States. Sales volume exceeded $25 Million USD in 2008.

ZADRAN’S fleet of more than 150 trucks ranging from 20’ & 40’ flatbeds to refrigerated trailers to waste compactor (garbage) trucks to toilet service trucks to fuel trucks are available to meet our clients’ transportation and supply needs. ZADRAN also possesses cranes rated from 5-100 metric tons of load capacity for all construction purposes.


ZADRAN GROUP OF COMPANIES offers a multitude of services:

Ø  Ablution Unit Services
Ø  Catering & Meal Services
Ø  Cleaning & Maintenance Services
Ø  Construction Services (Camp Building & Services, Carpentry, Engineering, Renovation & Rehabilitation)
Ø  Facility Management
Ø  Food Services
Ø  Fuel & Gas Supplies Services
Ø  Heavy Machinery
Ø  Ice & Frozen Product Deliveries
Ø  Import & Export Services
Ø  Laundry Services
Ø  Office, Storage and Accommodation Container Services
Ø  Operations Management
Ø  Portable Toilets Services
Ø  Power Generation Services (Sales, Leasing, Parts & Maintenance)
Ø  Procurement & Logistics
Ø  Retail Services
Ø  Special Projects & Requests
Ø  Transportation & Shipping Services (Air Freight, Ground, Intermodal, Local/International, Ocean Freight, Rail, Refrigeration, Urban/Rural)
Ø  Vehicle Services (Sales, Leasing, Parts & Maintenance)
Ø  Waste Management & Environment Control Services

We also have warehouse and storage facilities in most major cities and provinces in Afghanistan. ZADRAN GROUP OF COMPANIES utilizes its own equipment, offices and agents for clearance and delivery in Dubai and Afghanistan. We can also provide intra-Afghanistan moves throughout the country and ZADRAN GROUP will subcontract for convoy security escorts when needed.

Among its many satisfied clients, ZADRAN GROUP OF COMPANIES is proud to include DynCorp; ITSI; Etisalat; LBG and the Afghanistan Ministries of the Interior and Defense. Notable organizations such as these and others rely on ZADRAN GROUP OF COMPANIES to get the job done and get it done right.

 ZADRAN GROUP OF COMPANIES also offers Order Fulfillment for our clients. If you need, we’ll find it. Large or small, short-term or long-term, ZADRAN GROUP OF COMPANIES is ready to partner with you to ensure a successful outcome. For more information on any of our listed services or to inquire about services not listed, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you.

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