CEO's Message

Zadran Group started out as a family-owned logistics and trading company in 1989, and has since grown into one of the largest, most diversified business groups in the region.

From a small operation in Kabul province, the Zadran Group of Companies now has offices in the UAE, Turkey, Uzbekistan, India, the United States, and in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan. The Group has expanded from its humble beginnings to provide a number of advanced, large-scale logistics services to its public, private, and development sector clients, as well as the operation of retail clothing outlets in Kabul and Dubai.

Other business activities of the Group include the construction and management of commercial and residential complexes, roads construction, interior renovation, construction materials supply, ready-mix concrete supply, sale and rental of heavy equipment, project and business process management consultation services, power generation and maintenance services, housekeeping services and waste management services.
Proud as we are of our Afghan roots, we also strongly believe in the importance of regional and global trade and collaboration. One of our great strengths in transportation and logistics has been our ability to overcome the challenges of Afghanistan’s land-locked position in Central Asia. Despite its geographical constraints, the Zadran Group has been able to fulfill all of the logistical needs of our clients, as well as bring in the latest construction equipment and highly skilled engineers to build residential apartment complexes for Afghan families.

The Zadran Group has overcome significant logistical challenges as a result of our deep understanding of regional trade routes, Afghan government import and export laws and regulations, and Central Asian and Middle Eastern business culture. We have come as far as we have by providing our clients and customers excellent products and services, whether it is pre-mixed concrete in Dubai, delivery of fuel in the roughest provinces of Afghanistan, or comfortable and modern apartments in Kabul. Our formula for success has allowed us to endure through the most difficult times, and we have high hopes that it will take us even farther in the decades to come.

Sincerely Yours
Etebar Khan Zadran
Chief Executive Officer
Zadran Group of Companies