About Us


Shrugging off the destructive effects of decades of debilitating war and strife, Afghanistan is steadily emerging as a fast-developing economy, eager to make up for lost time. It seeks to embrace the tremendous opportunities created by infrastructure-, consumer- and technology-led growth, while inviting the world to discover the marvels of its culture, hospitality and stunning natural beauty.

The country is finally shedding its image as a risky investment destination and is encouraging international companies to unlock its vast potential.

At the forefront of this economic revolution and a proud ambassador of its country is Zadran Group of Companies, an internationally renowned organization operating a wide range of businesses both in Afghanistan and across the world. Established in 1989, the Group has had a well-established presence in the areas of Commercial & Residential Construction, Power Distribution & Transmission, Renewable Energy, and Infrastructure. The Group also operates in service sectors such as Logistics, Transportation, Life Support, Consultation and Order Fulfilment. Zadran Group of Companies is planning to venture into Pharmaceuticals, Medical services, Diagnostics and manufacturing of surgical equipment.

Recognizing the tremendous potential that is presents, the Group has also ventured into projects in alternate energy from renewable sources such as solar and wind.

Today, Zadran Group of Companies is a million dollar conglomerate, employing more than 500 people in Afghanistan and overseas and owns a substantially sized fleet of trucks, cranes, heavy equipments, plants and machinaries to cater in-house and outside projects. The Group has recently set up a power distribution substation with an installed capacity of 20 MW.

Mining Services is the focus of our business

Starting as a small family-owned set up in Kabul, the Group has expanded its operations throughout Afghanistan, set up its international headquarters in the UAE, and has offices in Turkey, Uzbekistan, India and USA.

The company has various solar power projects. We are also exploring various other options to develop solar and wind parks throughout the country.

Zadran Group of Companies has, over the years, built an impressive network of leading global organizations across several industries who can share their technical expertise and resources to strengthen the Group’s domestic activities.

Driven by passion, commitment to quality and possession of in-depth knowledge of local conditions, Zadran Group of Companies is the natural choice for both domestic and international companies to enter the Afghan economic space. We are proud to count among our satisfied clients such names as DynCorp, Etisalat, UNICEF, UNHCR, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and the Afghan Ministries of Interior and Defense.

Strategic Vision & Mission

Zadran Group of Companies is poised to be at the forefront of development and growth in Afghanistan and the Middle East and aspires to be a leading regional business group that has proven strengths in a diverse range of specialty products and services. The outline of our strategic vision is provided below:

  • To continue to expand our client base by providing excellent services, thereby building our reputation among both local and international organizations.
  • To continue and expand our partnership with multi-national companies to import high-quality products and commodities into the Afghan market.
  • To provide high-quality, modern, and affordable residential housing options for families in Kabul and other cities.
  • To grow our capacity in both developed and frontier markets

We have undertaken a mission to hire and train local nationals in the best of international business practices while upholding and maintaining our reputation for outstanding customer service, quick and efficient response, fair and equitable pricing, innovation, attention to detail and communication.

Zadran Group of Companies strives to set the benchmark as a modern, progressive, successful Afghanistan company with an international reach not just today, but with an eye on tomorrow - and beyond.