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Broadly speaking corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the self-regulating business policy that companies undertake to be socially accountable to themselves, their stakeholders and the general public. CSR should not be confused or equated with charity; CSR policies are an integral part of a company’s overall business strategy. CSR enables a company to be aware of the impact that they have on various aspects of society, such as economic, social or environmental. By its very definition, CSR allows a company to operate in such a way that there are measurable and sustainable benefits to society while also safeguarding the interests of stakeholders.

CSR can take many forms; it can involve acts of philanthropy, volunteer efforts, education and training/skilling, women empowerment, programs to promote environment sustainability, and many more. In Afghanistan, ZGC can and is playing a significant role in developing and enhancing the livelihood skills of the youth. This can lead to a growth in skilled manpower and pave the way for faster economic growth. Zadran Group can also initiate programs to support and maintain the delicate ecological balance of the region. We can also create programs to spread awareness of Afghanistan’s rich cultural heritage and showcase Afghanistan as an important tourist destination.

May 2018

Donation of Medical equipment to Paktia University

19 Jan 2017

A memorandum Signed with Kardan University to give the students internship facility, training and job offers after their graduation

September 2018

Sponsorship to football academy ,

November 2018

Donation to the workers of Municipality of Kabul,