Procurement & Logistics

Zadran Group of Companies provide complete end-to-end logistics services to move the client’s assets via any mode (air, sea, road, or rail).

We use our superior knowledge of Afghanistan’s unique and challenging topography to ensure that your goods are transported to even the most remote and hard-to-reach locations. We also possess extensive knowledge of and familiarity with import/export documentation and processes across Asia and the Middle-East.

Our extensive logistics assets include strategically located warehouses, fleet of trucks and the latest technology to provide our clients truly seamless and flexible logistics solutions. Our technological solutions include real-time tracking of shipments and simplified reporting process.

Zadran Group of Companies hold tremendous skill and experience in order fulfilment services, which includes the procurement of products of any type, equipment, spare parts and accessories for our clients. Additionally, through the application of proven sourcing procedures and working in concert with our worldwide network of contacts in numerous fields and industries, we are often also able to locate and successfully negotiate the acquisition of items that are difficult to obtain.